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Shenmue II Mods with issues


Aug 2, 2018
Lincs, UK
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I wouldn't rule out transferable saves. Unless Yu Suzuki confirms it himself that they're not doing it, And it needs to be from a interview after the 21st August 2018 when the re-releases came out.
But considering he has stated that the main development of Shenmue III was finished towards the end of 2018 the main development team has essentially 1year&6days to implement basic transfer of story items that can go unused again in Shenmue III like Shenmue II (white leaf, mysterious scroll) and feature them in Shenmue IV&V properly maybe later than intended in the story arc, But you could get a game date, money, capsule toys photo choice of Nozomi all the basics no problem.
All this is very doable.

The problem is one of licensing, not of technical capability. It's easy to do, but it requires giving Deep Silver etc. permissions to read SEGA save files, which may have unknown legal implications.


Jul 14, 2018
Trying to compile a Shenmue 2 mipmaps pack, like @Streamer has made for one.

So I need anyone who has completed Shenmue 2 on the PC, whilst running Special K, to perhaps offer to send through their mipmap folder? It would be a great help. I have all of the ingame items etc, so its just really environment and scene mipmaps we need, and with widespread coverage, we can patch this together.

If you want to help, you need to have as much an indepth playthrough of Shenmue 2, WITH Special K installed, but WITHOUT any HD textures installed.