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Shenmue Dragon And Phoenix Collection


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Jan 5, 2019
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I believe that the team might have already considered this; but I was wandering If anyone in your team or from the Shenmue Dojo community is going to create Dev Diary videos of the Dragon and Phoenix Project in order to promote the Project and get the attention of the media and draw in new players into the franchise or even get more fans with experience in Unreal Engine and other game development areas onto the Project !?

I think that a great example that the team can follow would be something similar to what the Skyblivion Team has been doing for some years now.
They are re-creating The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion in the Skyrim Engine and have been promoting the Project with some great Dev Diary videos that have caught a lot of traction from the media and fans of the series like myself.
I think this sort of promoting would be a great way to get the attention of the media and the gaming community in general.

This is their latest Dev Diary vídeo:

~ ヒキ ~

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Oct 27, 2019
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I love the idea of two versions Dragon and Phoenix. Dragon version with little changes about new features to preserve the original experience, and Phoenix version with more changes and features.

I love this new place, so beautiful.


I think one of the features that could be implemented in the Phoenix Mode specially for Shenmue 1 would be an immersive waiting feature; where Ryo could wait for a certain time of the day by sitting in a bench of a park; by meditating at the Dojo; praticing Tai Chi at the car park or even have a drink or a meal at the local bar or restaurant.

While i don’t have problems with the waiting in the first game i love this idea that you had for the Phoenix version, i understood that with the Phoenix version the intention is to put a lot of new things so i love this idea.

I don’t know if this is hard to do this but i had a idea, the idea is to put Suka High in the first game, Ryo having the option to go to school and there we can play a lot of mini games, talk with other students, talk with Karate instructor Nonaka-san and much more, Ryo is not obliged to go to school in the first game so my idea for the Phoenix version is that every morning the players will decide if they want to go to Suka High or not, if the players decide to go to school the players will have the option to leave anytime they want.

It would be nice to have Suka High in the game even if we can’t enter, the player tries to enter and Ryo can say... "I don’t have time for school now, i need to search for Lan Di."

It would be nice to have the option to put his Suka High uniform in the game so we can change his clothes if we want.


This project is amazing and beautiful, i love the idea of two versions and i'm excited for both versions, i hope i can play this versions someday, thank you so much, SHENMUE FOREVER. 💜
Oct 24, 2018
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Just to get back to business here: is there anything new coming up in the next few weeks/months, or has the whole project been put on hold?
Patience is key, this is a project they work on in their spare time, which means it could take a few more years to complete. They'll post updates whenever they are ready to show off content.
Nov 12, 2019
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Patience is key, this is a project they work on in their spare time, which means it could take a few more years to complete. They'll post updates whenever they are ready to show off content.
Thank you RetroLord for clarifying. Curiosity took the better of me, but the good thing is that our community is comprised of fans with nerves of steel and patience of saints.


Aug 1, 2018
Yokohama, Japan
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I can't believe I've been missing this thread for the last year! Either way, this proves to me that Shenmue fans are the best ever! I hope that either Sega or Suzuki hires you guys like they did with noconkid for Shenmue 3. Though I don't own the PC version (well, I am a Mac user), this has inspired me to get it when it comes out. I understand that passion/independent projects take time to do, so take all the time you need to give us the best work.

As for the Phoenix Version being closer to Shenmue III, I'm guessing it won't be possible to carry over a Shenmue II save to Shenmue III, then, huh?
Apr 2, 2022
Wow, those last two screen shots look Amazing! Are you going to make the character models look better? And Is there a possibility of adding the boat ride over to Hong Kong with Ryo fighting Chai? Is that hidden somewhere in the game?
Sep 7, 2021
View attachment 10304
Shenmue Dragon & Phoenix Collection is an engine replacement mod for the 2018 release of Shenmue I+II for PC that replaces the original engine with Unreal Engine 4, allowing for massive improvements across the board. This also modernizes the games, and brings their gameplay more in line with Shenmue III, while still maintaining the original look, feel, and core gameplay mechanics. Assets such as models, textures, and animations are extracted from a legitimately owned copy of Shenmue I+II, and placed into Unreal Engine 4 at install time which allows us to avoid many of the pitfalls other attempts at remakes have fallen into. This also allows us to cut back on some areas of development, such as recreating various gameplay sequences, and focus instead on smoothing out rough edges in the original gameplay, adding new features, and making the world look absolutely stunning and feel more alive than ever before.


Thanks to our use of Unreal Engine 4, we’ve been able to utilize modern rendering features such as PBR materials and real time raytracing to really bring out the best in the original models and textures, the world truly looks better than ever before. On top of this, we’ve also managed to stitch the whole game world together in one congruous map; this has necessitated some minor map changes to avoid clipping, such as expanding the exterior of the You Arcade, but no significant changes have been made. We’re also utilizing libretro for the arcade games such as Hang-On and Space Harrier, however, this also means other emulation cores may be used with minimal effort, allowing a potential for even more games to be included in the arcade or even for Ryo’s Saturn (or perhaps for you, the player, to add games yourself). Many, many more features are also planned, too numerous to list here even; however we cannot go into detail at this time, which we’ll discuss in a minute.

Dragon -AND- Phoenix Collection?

Okay, now for the interesting part. Included in Shenmue Dragon & Phoenix Collection will be not one, but two ways to play the games. Dragon Edition, a true 1:1 port of both Shenmue I and II to Unreal Engine 4, or at least as close as we can make it, warts and all. For Dragon Edition, we plan to do very little in the way of new features, aside from small changes within reason, to preserve the original gameplay experience. However, there will also be Phoenix Edition, a full UE4 reimagining of the games. Again, all the core assets and gameplay present in Dragon Edition will be present in Phoenix Edition, but with more emphasis on modernizing the game, and adding new features. These features can be something as fundamentally game altering as the stamina system from Shenmue III (although less intrusive, before we get shot for saying that), or as minor as new cassettes in the Tomato Store. We’ve not really locked down any of those features just yet as we are still working on Dragon Edition, which means we can still use your suggestions and help if you’re willing and able.

So when can I play this?

We have no set release date or even window at this point, the best we can say is “when it’s ready”

I want to help you. How can I do this?

Join the Shenmue Modding Discord, contact us, and we’ll see what can be done. https://discord.gg/yM24FhMTsa

You’re lying! There’s no way you managed to do this when Sega couldn’t do it themselves.

Don’t believe us? That’s fine, have some screenshots; none of these are mock-ups, these were all taken in-engine, and in some cases even in-game, and most are out-of-date by now at that, so just know that any screenshots you see now, or in the future, are likely to be out-of-date by the time you’ve seen them/they’ve been posted here.

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Please note, these are 'Dragon Mode' screenshots and not representative of 'Phoenix Mode'.

This project is in no way affiliated with SEGA, YsNet or any original developers of the series. This is a non-profit, fan project.
Hi! How's the project going?