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Shenmue Dojo Forum Features

Got a question. Is there a way to change or code into the widget when it comes to streams showing up on the forum that people say they are playing Shenmue 2 but not and they are playing something else? I'm not sure if there is an option where a member could report it and it automatically removes the stream from the sidebar. Or, that would trigger the code to reassess the formula. Likely not possible, just annoys me thinking I maybe checking out a stream on Shenmue when it's reality some jackass playing a driving simulator which I don't wanna watch but not happy that it would show up on the sidebar.
To answer your question I don't reallty know. It scrapes Twitch with the idea of keywords so if they're in there it may well pop up.

I'll feed it back to the creator of the plugin and see whether there might be an update from it.