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Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

Come on, Adult Swim! I will throw cash at you for a season 2. I'm incredibly irresponsible with money, I'll absolutely do it!
It's normal. These days many anime not come on Blu Ray, for example for Odd Taxi, they did a Kickstarter. The minimun of
clients/blu rays units were obtained and it went ahead.

Crunchyroll originals I think that none or almost none have come out in physical format.

The best thing if we want a physical format, as they said before, is to ask for it, the more people the better, it's the only way.

That, and keep watching and recommend to others the anime on Crunchyroll.
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You've got to be kidding me. Can we assume this is literally all SEGA's fault? Didn't he say that all merchandise was at their discretion? Unless the Crunchyroll numbers were outright horrendous and rained on the success of the Adult Swim numbers that much, it just doesn't make any sense. SEGA is one of the most ridiculous video game companies...
Disappointing, although I kind of expected this. After all, it’s not like Sega would see much of a return on a blu ray release.

That said, I wonder if Limited Run could do something with it. Granted, it’s not a video game, but those guys sure do love Shenmue and have no problem charging the kind of prices needed to make this kind of thing profitable.
I was devastated but then I saw a twitt from Dojo asking me if I feel lonely in the bath and now feels much better, I'm cured.
I don't understand how they won't even release the English version on itunes in digital form. There are virtual no production costs to do that that I know of. It's not physical so it seems like extremely low hanging fruit. I had this on dvr but it expired.