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Mortal Kombat 1 (MK12) 9-19-2023

Nov 26, 2019
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Mortal Kombat 12 officially now known as Mortal Kombat 1 releases on September 19th 2023 and looks amazing!! Looks like it might be a proper sequel to MK11 and the graphics are fantastic! Glad they stuck close to the perfection of MK11s visuals. Hopefully the gameplay sticks closer to 11 and 9 rather than reverting back to X.

During the PS3 era, fighting games taught me to ignore them until a complete version is released a few years later with all DLC characters added. I learned it so well, that I didn't bother buying MK11 until MK11 Ultimate on PS5 was down to half off last December. I've enjoyed the story of MK11 so far having completed the main story and now working on the DLC story. For those that haven't finished the main MK11 story mode, the trailer for MK1 is going to be super confusing.

As an MK fan since the start, there are notable missing characters -- Sonya and Kano. That tells me they'll either be announced before release, or will end up being DLC characters at some point. In their stead, are Kitana and Mileena... characters not introduced until the 2nd game. Time will tell what happens, but I believe a Kontent pack is already confirmed to be adding more fighters into the roster. Hence, while I'll wait for a Komplete version later down the road.

Some constructive criticism of MK11 and hopes for the new game start with the way the story of MK11 was handled. it's essentially a CG movie with fights in-between. Depending on where you had to stop gaming for the session, you may end up stuck having to re-watch un-skippable portions of the story... and they are long. If they plan to continue with this method of storytelling, they need to add more checkpoints within the story so people aren't stuck watching 5-10 min of movie to continue to the next fight and progress.

Next criticism was the way the Krypt was handled in MK11. I didn't like the randomness. It felt like Netherrealm's way of creating loot boxes. There was no way to know what you were getting making the Krypt essentially useless. Even if you put in extra money into buying Koins or whatever, it still made it impossible to know what you would get.

I'm hoping that Netherrealm gets creative again. I would enjoy a call back to the Deception days with Konquest and MK Chess modes. While MK11's story is written the best, I think the more open running around and finding chests was a welcome diversion from just fighting.
MK11 was my most played game on PS4/5 and I've never played a Mortal Kombat game so much. I'm usually into Street Fighter. Only criticism of this new game is Shang Tsung being a pre-order bonus. I absolutley hate when games do this. Cosmetic items okay, but not on a playable character, especially if he can't be unlocked without paying extra.

I do have a second criticism actually. Everything in the trailer seemed a bit "squishy". Previous games and a focus on muscles tearing and honest breaking. Everything seemed like a hot knife through butter in the trailer.

Also, it's too close to Street Fighter!
Ed Boon reveals gameplay

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