Armored Core Series

Jul 31, 2018
Klagenfurt (Austria)
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I think the announcement of a new armored core game

is a good idea to make a thread about that franchise.

Are you guys familiar with that series?

I have not played it. I have not been the biggest Mecha Fan, but I had fun with the early Mech Warrior Games on the PC and I also really enjoyed playing Gun Griffon 1 and 2 for the Saturn ( a series I have recently discovered) and Zone of the Enders for the Ps1.

So I will watch the development of the new Armored Core game closely and I might also try out the old games.
A bit of late, if you guys are in mecha phase right now then by any means get Steambot Chronicles, and apply the recent Undub patch.
You are Shenmue fans so the Ghibli vibes of this games will charm you.
This one is a CPU intensive one, expect framerate drops at big open areas and few graphical glitches if emulated.
However, applying this pnach cheat file
Will drastically speed up the game at the cost of disabling postprocess effects and hence more glitches this time at menus (not that annoying if you ask me, mostly glitches previsualizations/icons but menu command area is clear.
Talking further details is going to grow this post for no reason, so just give it I try. I'm curious about your impressions.
I love this game almost at Shenmue 1 level. Almost, and except the main character name (you can't change) that I don't like. Is too ice ice baby for me.
There's also a downplayed spinoff for PSP, more focused on mecha battles and less customizable but also fun for quick plays.

And there's Sailor Moon mod for Armored Core 😍

Edit: oh, @banenes I'm flattered.
Thanks for the tip Seaman. Steambot Chronlices looks really cool indeed. I give it a try at some point in the future.