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    Yuji Naka's Arrest

    yeah i sympathize with NiGHTS engine situation due to the Sonic 2D games apparently being lost, but doesn't justify the arrogance or prejudice
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    Yuji Naka's Arrest

    blamed him making Shenmue rather than more arcade hits for Sega not surviving with Dreamcast. Read on PRS iirc same can be said for Naka making NiGHTS instead of Sonic for Saturn's western failure.
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    Yuji Naka's Arrest

    meh wrote him off once i read he was a dick to Suzuki during Dreamcast demise. then i heard the story about being shitty to western devs; casually and heartlessly planning to fire them upon project completion. Ignorant/arrogant fuck didnt think they understood fluent Japanese
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    Rieko Kodama has passed away

    same happened with Yukawa, to be fair
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    Love to Hate Shenmue - Shenmue Dojo Show Season 2 Episode 18

    disagree colin spacetwinks qualifies as random hate. Personally feels more in line with your "interesting'" category. They're very level and fair about giving credit to Shenmue and Yu Suzuki where due. Just because they aren't gigantic fans like us doesn't mean they don't appreciate or hate...
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Did they begin the game from a completed Shenmue save file or no? if not, youre given a small default set; same as Shenmue 2x when data transfers were impossible between DC/XB
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    Talking sh*t and discussing about Metal Gear Solid saga and Kojima

    peace walker was good, which was a great blueprint for GZ/PP i wanted MGS5 to be a WW2 Boss prequel, so id be hyped
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    Sonic the Hedgehog thread

    3&K Adventure Adventure 2 2&K Mania
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Yu did tell famitsu 2022 was a year for new shooting game iirc (air twister) and a sequel... also, even a logo tease will be bad idea due to rabid toxic haters
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    Steam: Blue Halo/Shadow Glitches

    i actually like the effect :D try turning off bloom?
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    personally, i knew of 2x OCT 2002 release date prior along with most US dojo members iirc also, anyone theorized the apple was Air Twister for Apple OS devices? therefor.... banana must be...?
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Appreciate the additional funding and allowing broader scope, but no thanks to a repeat... unless they're more patient next time.
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Late sales, nothing more. Regardless; i get a feeling YSnet won't work with them again... rushed the end and minimal marketing etc. They're likely put off?
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Preferred eating fruits and veggies than straight meme-ing black garlic :D
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    In the Stephen Totilo thread, the Andy Robinson guy says it is "bad PR" not to want to talk about another game with much more interest. Bad for whom? Some cookie cutter videogame website looking for clickbait like they already did with a misinterpreted quote from the Japan anime interview?