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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Found a poster for US Shenmue on Ebay, I've never seen this before.
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    GTA 6 to have female protagonist

    I mean let's be real, even if you don't like the fact that a girl will be playable in the game, I'd imagine Rockstar will still use the three main characters concept that was in GTA5. There will still be a male protag along with the female.
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    I had a lot of fun going through this build and posting what I found along with you guys. Credits to @Sega_Dreamcast_Info, @Miles Prower, and @LanDC without them, we wouldn't of find the amount we did. I look forward to doing this again if another build ever comes along.
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    English dub : Why so much hatred?

    I know a lot of people say Ryo's English VA is pretty soulless, but like if you think about it in context to the story, Ryo's father just died. It's not like Ryo will be upbeat and full of life. Which is why I think Corey's acting fits tbh
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    Imagine if this place was an area you could explore in Shenmue IV
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    Official Shenmue Ryo Statue

    The box is very nice as well
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    Official Shenmue Ryo Statue

    It still looks unfinished, but I'm happy I'm finally getting a Ryo statue, since the other one is around a thousand dollars.
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    Official Shenmue Ryo Statue

    Mines was shipped July 5th, but since I got it from the U.K. it won't arrive until around July 12, but I'm fine with that. It beats August that's for sure!
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    I was looking at Shenmue related things as usual and I noticed this demo disc that I've never seen before. Anyone know what's in this demo?
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    Post Your Shenmue Collection

    Got this recently.
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Do we know when this big announcement is? I haven't followed the 110 lore that much.
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Because I was mald
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    I wasn't aware of a big announcement, if they do reveal it's Shenmue IV today, then mass report my previous post to get that outta there, if it's the blade runner game though, then I still 100% support what I said in my last post.
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    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    Well 110 played us like a damn fiddle. Fuck 110 Industries for using us fans to get clout for their shitty Wanted Dead game, I've lost hope in a Shenmue IV happening by them...