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  1. KiddMarine

    General RGG Discussion

    Kson is great and a legitimately huge Yakuza fan with a genuine love for the series, not just a trend-chaser.
  2. KiddMarine

    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    top tip: shoot bad guys and don't get shot
  3. KiddMarine

    What is everyone's favourite generation for gaming?

    I'm tempted to say 5th gen because I love great 2D and early 3D, and the Saturn is probably my single favourite system of all time. But it's hard to argue with the 6th gen, there were hundreds of great games release in that period. I mean, Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid 3, God Hand, Devil May Cry 3...
  4. KiddMarine

    What are you playing?

    So, Tears of the Kingdom, huh? I'm only 6 or 7 hours in and I can already tell this deserves all the hype. Sometimes you can just tell you're playing something truly special from the get-go.
  5. KiddMarine

    Your top 10 favourite albums of all time?

    Hmm. Off the top of my head: Guided by Voices - Alien Lanes Ween - Quebec Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps The Books - The Way Out The Magnetic Fields - Get Lost My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, and Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones - Have Moicy! De La...
  6. KiddMarine

    A Gamer's Journey (Shenmue Documentary) goes to Kickstarter

    Mine arrived a few days ago.
  7. KiddMarine

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought a PS5 :giggle:
  8. KiddMarine

    leak and spoil

    Why would a game being developed in Japan and due to be released in 2025 have English subtitles at this point in development? I'd say "nice try" but it wasn't, it was very sloppy. Try harder next time!
  9. KiddMarine

    Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

    Come on, Adult Swim! I will throw cash at you for a season 2. I'm incredibly irresponsible with money, I'll absolutely do it!
  10. KiddMarine

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I'm glad you managed to get a good deal. I bought it just before Japanese Mega Drive prices went completely insane. It's good, but it's not £1000+ good! :ROFLMAO:
  11. KiddMarine

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Terrific game! Not only one of the best Mega Drive games, but one of the best 16-bit games full stop imo.
  12. KiddMarine

    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    You just named most of them! :ROFLMAO: Do you like Rhymester? They're another early group like SDP, but they're well worth checking out. Gaki Ranger are great and still going strong too! Oh and Shakkazombie! If you like Microphone Pager you've got to check them out! And Ozrosaurus! Man...
  13. KiddMarine

    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Hell yeah I love Japanese rap. What are you into, Scha Dara Parr?
  14. KiddMarine

    Random Thoughts

    Every word of this rings true to me. The waiting and the not-knowing how long you have or what will happen as your dog gets worse is just so awful. Maybe I've lived a sheltered life, but it's the worst soul destroying agony I've ever felt. It felt so selfish to do so, but I did wish that it...
  15. KiddMarine

    110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

    I loved the battle system. Flesh out the story and make the NPCs less cartoony and you've got a great Shenmue game in my eyes.