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    Cut content list

    Was ming ming (or was it mei mei) included in the game?
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    Shenmue III - Fighting Talk (Non-Spoiler)

    Sorry didn't intend to come across patronising. Just thought I'd offer a suggestion to help make the game feel less grindy hence the reason I prefixed the suggestions with the word maybe after the first sentence of my post. Anyhow enjoy the game.
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    Shenmue III - Fighting Talk (Non-Spoiler)

    If you feel like your grinding and it's affecting your enjoyment of the game. Maybe try balancing your daily activities a bit. To avoid burning out Structure your day so you do a bit of endurance training, some sparring, some shopping, cut some logs, do some fishing, try to increase your hard...
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    Tronald Dump? Oh jeeze

    Yup. I noticed that a few days ago when playing. Made me laugh. We'll see which new member to these forums snaps that name up.
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    Bugs so far

    I've noticed jerky camera shot changes during cutscenes all the way throughout my playthrough. It seems like the camera wants to change to another angle for cinematic purposes bit ends up cutting to a shot that's almost identical to what was showing except the camera has jumped ever so slightly...
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    Backer Copies | General Thread & Shipping Information

    Game arrived. But not sure how I can unlock backer phone card? Did not see any voucher code in packs package.
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    So what's the Easter egg? I've tried to find it but no luck.
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    Awesome job! Maybe you should forward these to ysnet, awsome Japan, deep silver and all shenmue fan sites and shenmue social media fan pages. Everyone is encouraged to forward these to all contacts, friends and followers via watsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Get the word out!
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    Shenmue III Backer Trial | General Thread

    Twitter not loading on my phone at the moment for some reason. Can someone post the niao sun pic directly on here. Cheers
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    Game Informer: 64 Rapid-Fire Questions With Shenmue III's Yu Suzuki

    He probably gave it that rating as he couldn't do everything he wanted to in regards to implementing ideas in the game.
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    Game Informer: 64 Rapid-Fire Questions With Shenmue III's Yu Suzuki

    "What did the Sega Saturn version of Shenmue look like?" "It was great!"
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    Sharing my demo code with WhatCulture

    The sharing The sharing Codes with popular YouTuber fans was my idea. Glad to see the idea implemented. Hopefully the demo gets good exposure.
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    The 4 Chi You Men Leaders (Spoiler Alert)

    Yeah, love the discussions about this kind of stuff. Really enjoy the lore behind the whole saga. In addition, I wish more information is dropped in relation to the sega Saturn version.
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    The 4 Chi You Men Leaders (Spoiler Alert)

    Check my edited post above. It seems it maybe be the baihu from shenmue 2.
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    The 4 Chi You Men Leaders (Spoiler Alert)

    What I'm trying to point out is that from above cited interview it seems the western chi you leader IS Baihu. BYAKKO, I'm assuming is the Japanese for Baihu. However this view does seem odd because in previous interviews, yu said that we have never seen western leader. So is this another baihu...